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Jessica's Jamboree

22 December 1987
Hello! I'm Jessica. The main things you need to know about me are: I am a 19 year old Sweden-obsessed pop music fan, studying English at university, and I spend my time writing about pop music and watching great films.

, 'n sync, abba, ace of base, adam brody, agsfb, alcazar, alicja janosz, american idol, amélie, aqua, backstreet boys, billie piper, bis, books, boybands, boys, brideshead revisited, brighton, britney spears, buff hotties, butterfly boucher, cakes, cds, celebrities, charlotte hatherley, computers, concerts, cultures, darin, darren hayes, david nicholls, dawson's creek, desperate housewives, dima bilan, donnie darko, downloads, edward scissorhands, electropop, england, eurovision, facebook, fame academy, fashion, foreigners, fruits, fucking åmål, garden state, germany, ghost world, gigs, girls aloud, glitter, grey's anatomy, gwen stefani, göteborg, h&m, harry potter, hello kitty, high school musical, i'm from barcelona, idol, ikea, jake gyllenhaal, japan, japanese street fashion, jc chasez, josie and the pussycats, kawaii, krakow, le tigre, letters, literature, london, lost, lush, madonna, mandy moore, maroon 5, max martin, michelle branch, mihai trăistariu, mix cds, mix tapes, moomins, moulin rouge, mp3 players, mp3s, music, natalie portman, neighbours, nicola roberts, no doubt, one tree hill, oxford, patrick wolf, philosophy, poland, pop, pop culture, pop idol, pop music, popjustice, popworld, rachel stevens, rainbows, reading, reality tv, rufus wainwright, ryan dusick, s club 8, sanrio, savage garden, scandinavia, scissor sisters, seth cohen, shampoo, shoes, shopping, simon amstell, sleeping, snow patrol, sophie ellis-bextor, spelling, spiceworld the movie, stephen campbell moore, stephen fry, steps, stockholm, sweden, swedish pop, the delays, the eighties, the eurovision song contest, the history boys, the killers, the knife, the long blondes, the nineties, the oc, the pipettes, travelling, twee pop, vanilla ninja, will young, writing